Freddie Freeman 2014 Fantasy Profile

Freddie Freeman has put his name into the conversation among fantasy studs.  We have seen a range from .259 to .319.  Freeman who enters his year 24 season, still can have some upside.  I don’t necessarily expect him to become a 30 home run guy, but I would venture to be optimistic when it comes to his batting average.  If we just split the different and call Freeman a .282 hitter like in 2011, I am comfortable with that. Give me my 23 Hrs, my 100 RBI, with a .282 average and I’m content.

Freeman Abs Runs Hits hrs rbi sb avg
2011 571 67 161 21 76 4 0.282
2012 540 91 140 23 94 2 0.259
2013 551 89 176 23 109 1 0.319

Freddie Freeman seems like a pretty safe bet to be among the top 1B producers.  He may not be one of the elite 1st round type producers, but perhaps that will make him a fantasy steal for some.

2014 projection for Freddie Freeman:

Freddie Freeman 550 160 0.291 88 23 100 1

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