Troy Tulowitzki 2014 Fantasy Profile

I have been a big fan and frequent drafter of Troy Tulowitzki.  I have ridden his hot streaks right through fantasy playoffs and onto the championship.  But he is not without risk, and that risk is primarily is health.  It is hard to predict injuries, it is often a fluke injury sliding into home plate, or washing your RV.  Tulowitzki has shown however a tendency to get injured enough that it must be a factor in your decision making.  If an owner can get 500+ at bats out of Tulowitzki in 2014, that owner is looking at 30 home run, 100 runs batted in guy.

Tulo Abs Runs Hits hrs rbi sb avg obp
2011 537 81 162 30 105 9 0.302 0.372
2012 181 33 52 8 27 2 0.287 0.36
2013 446 72 139 25 82 1 0.312 0.391

So lets say that he is worth the draft spot, and we take him.  Lets say that he does get his 500 at bats, what are we worried about now?  Sure he enjoys hitting in Coors field but he is also under contract with the Rockies for some time.  Plus Tulowitzki is no slouch on the road.  11 of his 25 home runs last year came on the road, as well as his .281 batting average while on the road.

2013 Abs Runs Hits hrs rbi avg obp
Home 225 44 77 14 46 0.342 0.427
Away 221 28 62 11 36 0.281 0.352

And his career home and road splits:

career Abs Runs Hits hrs rbi avg obp
Home 1639 302 514 85 314 0.314 0.387
Away 1620 241 447 70 238 0.276 0.348

Tulowitzki is a risky top pick, but after the first handful or so picks, there are not many players without some sort of risk.  Considering the short stop eligibility, why not take the risk on a short stop who could come up big?

2014 Projection:

Troy Tulowitzki 450 140 0.311 75 25 84 2

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