Winning Head to Head Points Fantasy Baseball 2013

The 2013 fantasy baseball season is in the books.  There were sleepers who excelled, sleepers who kept on sleeping, breakouts that broke out and breakouts that just broke.  This post is going to discuss strategies and other aspects of a fantasy season that went well for my H2H points league.

Pitching strategy going in:  With rosters locking weekly, this eliminates streaming pitchers.  I wanted to maximize starts for my pitchers, so I targeted starting pitchers with RP eligibility.  I drafted Aroldis Chapman (when I thought he would start in the 5th round and then Medlen in the 6th.  When Chapman was announced as closer I traded him for Alex Gordon, after I  added  Iwakuma in the first few weeks of the season.  It turned out that Chapman scored the exact same amount of points in our league as Medlen.  I rode Iwakuma and Medlen all season long as my RPs.  Iwakuma ended up being the highest scoring RP.  After I established my RP advantage, I focused on two start pitchers.  I had a staff of Kershaw, Lester, and Peavy, but frequently was starting fringe guys with two starts.

Hitting strategy:  I used projections that combine many sources, and made my own player rankings based off the projections and the scoring in my league.  I frequently hear that pitching wins H2H points leagues, but I still felt I could find pitching later, and draft pretty hitter heavy in the early rounds.  I also had a few huge waiver moves, it is here where I probably won my league.

Waiver wire pickups:  I already mentioned I added Iwakuma in the first few weeks of the season.  The same week I added Iwakuma I added Matt Carpenter.  Carpenter turned out to be the 7th ranked hitter in an ESPN standard scoring league.  I also added Jean Segura when Jose Reyes got hurt.  These two guys provided a huge lift for me.  (By the time Segura cooled off I had Jose Reyes back).  I was also able to take advantage of managers who were down on their under-performers, by being able to add Cespedes and Ian Desmond after they were dropped.

Summary:  I believe I won this league out of the waiver wire.  Kershaw was a beast, but I also had to overcome early picks underperforming like Bautista, and Reyes.  In a 10 team league I was able to consistently stream two start pitchers like, Cole, Gray, Lackey, and other guys of that caliber.  This allowed me to draft heavier on hitting and take advantage of my hitters outhitting the other teams in my league, while not suffering from a lack of pitching.


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