Fantasy Baseball Players to Watch/Sleepers

Most leagues have drafted by now.  After time spend researching and going with our guts it is reasonable to want to wait and see where those players take our teams.  Aside from the few spots to fill after finally throwing a guy onto the DL now is a time to wait and watch.  Here are some players who I will be keeping a close eye on for the early season, with my mouse, finger, over the “add” button and the guys on my watch list.

Gerardo Parra – If given playing time, he always seems to produce.

Drew Stubbs – A great speed and power talent, but what about the batting average?

Jed Lowrie – He is healthy and playing SS, always does well when healthy.

Yonder Alonso- A once big time prospect, has more than gotten his feet wet, and the fences have come in at his home ballpark.

Brian Roberts/ Carlos Quentin – If they can stay healthy or if you can just plug them in WHILE they are healthy, usually worth the production.

Chacin – Terrible place to pitch, but still waiting for a break out.

Bedard – If healthy could help your team…just not in wins.

Cashner – If he gets a chance to start could get a lot of Ks with his big time heat.

Detwiler – Some fantasy analysis are predicting big things for Detwiler.


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