Head to Head Points League Draft Breakdown

I just took part in my first real draft of the year.  A local 12 tm head to head points league using standards epsn.com scoring.  I had the 12th pick and will give the rundown on each on of my selections.  A few things to note.  I discerned that only 3 maybe 4 teams were drafting based off of H2H players rankings, and I was trying to use my own player rankings based off of composite projections from various sources.  And there were 4 OF spots instead of the typical 3 for this format.

Round 1, pick 12 – Jose Bautista

2, 13 – Clayton Kershaw

3, 36 – Billy Butler

4,37 – Jose Reyes

5, 60 – Ryan Zimmerman

6, 61 – Aroldis Chapman

7,84 – Martin Prado

8,85 – Kris Medlen

9, 108 – David Ortiz

10, 109 – Josh Johnson

11, 132 – Andre Ethier

12, 133 – Jon Lester

13, 156 – Jarrod Parker

14,  157 – Corey Hart

15, 180 – Salvador Perez

16, 181 – Daniel Murphy

17, 204 – David Murphy

18, 205 – Marco Estrada

19, 228 – Denard Span

20, 229 – Tom Wilhelmsen

21, 252 – Jed Lowrie

22, 253 – Wade Davis

Round 1 – Jose Bautista  in H2H leagues profiles as the 9th ranked player, even ahead of Trout and McCuthen.  Neither of those guys were on the board but I was happy to get him at the 12th overall pick.

Round 2 – I had no intention of taking a pitcher until the 5th or 6th round, but when I saw Clayton still there for my turn around pick and being a Dodger fan I went for it.  I decided to pass on Beltre in order to do it.

Round 3 – Billy Butler is a H2H points machine.  Even if some of his HRs revert back to doubles he should over plenty of total bases for this scoring format.

Round 4 – Similar to Jose Bautista, Jose Reyes profiles as the 11th best hitter on my cheat sheet.  I had not taken Reyes in a single mock draft, because I was targeting Zobrist a round or 2 later.  But it is a good thing I pulled the trigger on Reyes because Zobrist went in round 5 at pick 56.

Round 5 – Not only did I miss Zobrist for my 2B spot, but Aramis Ramirez was snagged just before my pick as well.  So I went with Zimmerman.  I was happy to fall back to Zimmerman, although in this format I liked Aramis more.

Round 6 – I did not like my options with this pick, and was trying not to reach too far for guys that profiled well on my projections.  So in a league that locks at the start of the week I wanted RPs who could start.  Still not sure if Chapman is starting but either way he should help give me an advantage in the RP spot.  Kimbrel had gone early round 5 so if Chapman ends up a closer I expect similar output.

Round 7 – Prado is another H2H specialist.  With Zimmerman at 3B I have a solid guy to fill if he goes down, but Prado will be a solid #2 OF in this format.

Round 8 – Kris Medlen solidifies my strategy to take advantage of the RP slot in this format.  He projects to score far more points starting than the second tier closers.  (Second tier being anyone after Kimbrel)

Round 9 – David Ortiz ranked as the 27th overall hitter on my list.  I thought at pick 108 this was great value even if he starts the season on the 15 day DL.  And I had no problem tieing up my UTL spot with him.

Round 10 – In a 12 team mixed league I feel comfortable taking risks with my pitching staff.  If I can get a dominant and mostly healthy Josh Johnson in round 10 I have two aces on my team.

Round 11 – Ethier is another guy who is underrated and does well in this format.  As a Dodger fan I hope to see his success against lefties improve but won’t be against benching him in a week against several lefties.

Round 12 – I like and believe in Lester even more than I do J.J.  I had picked Lester to win the CY young award before last season and was shocked to see his performance.  I see him getting back to old form and possibly giving me three aces, but even if just him or Johnson perform I’ll be happy.

Round 13 – Jarrod Parker like Lester and Johnson I’m willing to take some risk on.  With a relatively deep free agent pool I am comfortable taking risks on high upside pitchers at this point in the draft.

Round 14 – Corey Hart will be a big boost to my OF when he is ready to play.  But with Ortiz already on the squad and only 1 DL spot, I hope one of them is back quickly.

Round 15 – The plan was to wait on catchers this year.  If every team drafted 1 catcher I was fine owning the 12th ranked catcher.  I had seen Perez slip from me in mock drafts however and did prefer him over the Lucroy’s of the world.

Round 16 – Daniel Murphy – After missing on Zobrist I was not that excited about the remaining second basemen.  I had Neil Walker and Utley taken just before me in a few rounds, and started to panick about my second basemen.  I also did not realize he was injured when I drafted him.  I am looking at Gyorko and Bonifacio (when/if he qualifies at 2B) in the free agent pool currently.

Round 17 – David Murphy – Kind of a boring pick, but in the H2H points format sometimes boring is good.

Round 18 – Marco Estrada at this pick is low risk and high upside.

Round 19 – Denard Span – Span is another guy that ranked surprisingly high in my hitter rankings.  I can use him while I wait for Hart or to platoon with Ethier.

Round 20 – I wanted to have RP eligible starters in my RP slot, but I just felt weird drafting a team without a RP.  I like Wilhelmsen and he is exactly the kind of closer I typically target late.

Round 21 – I took Lowrie hoping for 2B eligibility because I was still upset over Murphy as my 2B.  I was also debating on Bonifacio with this pick using the same logic.

Round 22 – Wade Davis was another RP guy and it turned out I had hit a draft limit of starting pitchers.  I would have liked to have taken Beckett, or Cobb starting around round 20, but was literally unable to.  This rule got reversed after the draft and I eventually dropped Davis for McDonald, and then McDonald for Iwakuma who projects for more points, and is a RP guy who I think I can leverage in a trade.


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