MLB 2013 Predictions

MLB 2013 Predictions

 NL West

Dodgers – Kershaw leads the way and new additions Gonzalez, Ramirez, and Beckett return to old form.

Giants – Replicate formula with improved Lincecum &even better Bumgarner.  (Wild Card)

D-Backs – Gritty style of play and superb pitching and defense kept the team competitive all year.

Padres – Headley proves 2012 was no joke, and Alonso enjoys moved in home run fence.

Rockies – Tulo and Gonzalez combine for 65 HRs, and 40 SBs, and Pomeranz shows promise.

NL Central

Reds – Votto crushes the ball and stays healthy, Cueto and Bruce continue to improve.

Cardinals – Wainwright back to old form, Craig outshines Beltran, and same old Holliday.

Pirates – Roster depth and contributions from younger players help McCutchen and Pirates over .500

Brewers – Surprisingly good pitching rotations keeps Braun and Brewers in most games.

Cubs – Samardzjia takes a step forward, Garza and Soriano go for prospects and hope for better days.

NL East

Nationals – Pitching dominates, Strasburg hits 200 IPs, Bullpen is best in the league.

Braves – Outfield combines for 80 HRs, 300 RBIs, Minor and Medlen shine. (Wild Card)

Phillies – The old core Utley, &Howard prove healthy, and strong pitching keeps them close.

Mets – Youngsters Wheeler, D’Arnaud, and Harvey join with Wright for hopes of the future.

Marlins – Stanton crushed 50 Homeruns but not enough to carry team to .500 record.

AL West

Rangers – Hamilton isn’t missed, roster depth and steps forward from Darvish and Holland propel team.

Athletics – Coliseum benefits Parker, Griffin, & Anderson. Cespedes hits 30HRs.(Wild Card)

Angels – Big numbers for Trout, Pujols, and Hamilon, but pitching suffers. (Wild Card)

Mariners – Seager shows promise, Felix and Iwakuma good, young arms shine late.

Astros – Altuve can’t steal enough bases to overcome lowest win total in the league.

AL Central

Tigers – Cabrera and Verlander pick up where they left off, Scherzer steps into elite.

White Sox – Pitching is strong despite injuries to Sale and Peavy.  Konerko continues to hit.

Royals – Shields boosts team, and young stars Hosmer, Perez, and Moustakas deliver.

Indians –Defense and Brantley, and Kipnis not enough.  Cabrera traded mid-season.

Twins – Willingham and Plouffe provide power, but pitching gets shelled all season.

AL East

Blue Jays – Stars Reyes, Bautista, Dickey, Johnson, come together new power in East.

Rays – Excellent pitching helps struggling offense until a new spark is lit by Wil Myers.

Red Sox – Lester and staff get back on track, but often injured Ortiz and Ellsbury sputter.

Yankees – Cano with power, & Gardner with speed, but DL ridden pitching staff collapses.

Orioles – Pitching staff can’t compete, Machado, Jones, and Davis provide pop.

NL MVP – Joey Votto – Fully healthy his power returns, and he competes for the triple crown.

AL MVP – Miguel Cabrera – Continues to dominate and enjoys having Martinez and Hunter in the lineup.

NL CY Young – Clayton Kershaw – Leads the league in , Wins, ERA, Ks, and makes batters look silly.

AL CY Young – Justin Verlander – Not to be outdone by Price, he battles and leads team to playoffs giving him the edge.

NL ROY (revised after Eaton’s injury) – Travis D’Arnaud – An early call up to the majors and D’Arnaud is ready.  He also gets bonus points for playing Catcher.

AL ROY – Wil Myers – Gets the call 2 months into the season, and excites with pure power.

Dodgers over Tigers in World Series.


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