Fantasy Baseball Format Strategies

I am going to do some comparing of  head to head leagues and roto leagues.  How to best approach them, and what differentiates them.  To some the differences will be well known, but the strategies tend to always be a fun read.  I should also note that when I refer to a head to head (h2h) league I am referring to the points format.  I have found that h2h categories plays similar to roto.

H2H leagues is all about the accumulation of points.  Furthermore the offensive rosters are significantly smaller than you will find in roto leagues.  The smaller offensive rosters combined with the large amounts of points starting pitchers tend to get, typically puts more of a drafting emphasis on pitching.  With that said I do not suggest drafting pitching heavy in the early rounds.

Two reasons why I stay away from pitching early is, 1.  I tend to think that pitchers health and reliability is riskier than a hitter.  2.  I believe that it is easier to find solid pitching, or steam pitchers, through the waiver wire, or the later rounds.

Roto leagues expand the roster to include a middle infield and corner infield position, as well as 2 ADDITIONAL outfield spots.  It is also common to see 2 Catchers in roto and possibly 2 UTL.  This roster arrangement puts even more focus on hitters and away from pitchers.  Simply because they’re are more offensive roster spots to fill.  This format having 5 Ofs (typically) also means that leagues with 12 teams will go 60 players deep into the player pool, plus any players on the bench.

The sheer amount of OFs required might make a drafter think it is important to go OF heavy early in your draft.  There is some truth to this idea but also remember every team is going to be drafting a combination of 3 shortstops and second basemen   These are usually pretty shallow positions (2013 no exception).  In my experiences it has been easier to find talent late or on the waiver wire in the outfield than in the middle infield.  So do not neglect your infield just because you need to fill 5 OFs spots.

Also I have mentioned this in a past post, H2H is all about point accumulation and you do not need to have a balanced team.  ROTO you are competing in categories and do need to have a more balanced team output.


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