Fantasy Baseball Head to Head Tips

Head-to-head fantasy baseball leagues offer a great way to compete with friends, coworkers, family, and rivals.  I have spent much time over the water-cooler talking about my last match up rather than discussing how we can improve our sales for the quarter.  When it comes to points leagues there are a few things worth noting, to help you when your league.

Balance does not matter.  In a points league your only objective is to get the most points.  When building your roster you only care about accumulating points.  There is no need to pay attention to balancing; speed and power, saves and wins, etc.

Know your leagues scoring.  I wrote in depth on this in an earlier post, where I discussed how you can create your own player rankings specific to your leagues scoring settings.  Click here to see my post on custom h2h rankings.  Even across the major fantasy websites, you will come across different scoring settings, and heaven forbid you have a commissioner who is a tinkerer.

You can wait on pitching.  Yes I know that typically in this format pitchers are the highest scoring players.  And in this format pitchers tend to go off the board earlier than other formats.  But there are also more high scoring pitchers.  What does that mean?  It means that I can draft the 15th ranked pitcher and still get a bunch of points.  But you are unlikely to get a whole lot of points with the 15th ranked Second Basemen.

Take advantage of the sites rankings.  If you followed my link and created your own player rankings you will find major differences from the websites player rankings.  It doesn’t mean that you take Aoki in the 6th round even though he is projected to be the 70th ranked player.  But if you need to jump him up 2 rounds to get him.  Do it!  Trust the homework that you have done.

Hopefully these tips can help you this year.  Good luck and I welcome your comments and feedback.



  1. nathandpalatsky

    I stumbled upon your blog and it seems we have similar concepts in mind. I thought perhaps some collaboration might be in order, if you’d be interested in such a thing.

    • davomcflavo

      Right on. Yea I’m all for forming a fantasy baseball community on here. I don’t really know what a collaboration would look like on here, but let me know what you’re thinking.

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