2013 Spring Training Question Marks

Similar to Eric Karabel’s list of players to watch during spring training, here is a list of players I have questions about that could be answered during spring training prior to drafts.

Matt Kemp – Is his shoulder surgery going to affect his power like it did his teammate Adrian Gonzalez?  As a Dodger fan I am hopeful he will not be sapped of his power, but it is eerily similar to Gonzalez.

Yadier Molina – Was his 2012 legit?  I lean more on the pessimistic side on this one.  Some in the fantasy industry seem to think that catchers are maturing later than most hitters.  This could be the case given the learning curve of their position defensively.

Hyun-Jin Ryu – How does his dominance in Korea carry over to the big leagues?  At 25 years old and with his numbers in Korea he could be an interesting fantasy player.

Hosmer/Lawrie – They showed so much short season promise in 2011, but their 2012 seasons did not live up to their draft value.  I see their skills and think they bounce back to what people thought they could be.  But this also makes me nervous about drafting players like Rizzo for 2013.

Kipnis/Heyward – Were their steals legit last year?  The supporting numbers say no.

Lincecum/Hanson/Lester – I see bounce backs for all three of these guys.  However I have been reading a lot about Hanson’s lost velocity and overall skill set, so approaching him more cautiously than the others.


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