Fantasy Baseball Prospects Love too Far?

Fantasy baseball fans have become consumed with prospects.  The search for the next big thing has become an obsession in the baseball community.  At what point has this love gone too far however?  You want a prospect to turn into a stud…but why not trade and/or draft the studs that you cross your fingers and hope your prospect will turn into?  In a 3 year contract keeper league I own, Profar, Myers, and D’Arnaud.  I wanted to start some chatter about their value as a trade chip?

Michael Hurcomb (@CBSHurc)
I would stop at Top 75 player. RT @Davo_McFlavo Who is the worst player you would trade Profar for in a 3 year contract Keeper league?

On CBS rankings this would be players like, Zobrist, wainwright.  Don’t you draft prospects HOPING they will perform like these MLB stars?  Sure some of them WILL turn into a Braun caliber player, but at what ratio?  So yes I love prospects just as much as the next guy, but I am trying to take a step back, and say why trade a stud for prospects when I’m hoping they turn into a stud.


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