Fantasy Baseball Head to Head Points Rankings

I have noticed many variations of how head to head points leagues are scored.  As most fantasy owners know it is imperative to know how your league is scored.  Another reason this is so critical is being able to create your own players rankings specific to your league. provides 2013 projections that you can import directly into an excel spreadsheet.

1.Import in their projections and deletes any stats that are not scored in your league.

2. Under the category type what that stat is worth.  (SB – 2 point)  There are formulas available in excel to multiply out the point values into the stats. Do this for positive and negative value stats and combine them so you have the players projected total points.

3. Now you want to order the point values because you will find different player ranking for different scoring setups.    Bring your total values next to the player names.  Highlight the point values and drag that down and over the player names as well.  Now you just sort my largest to smallest.

You now have player rankings specific to your league, giving you a huge advantage to those drafting based off the website’s general rankings.



    • davomcflavo

      You got it! I found some pretty interesting changes in typical rankings. I used one of the other projections from fangraphs to compare and saw a lot of differences as well.

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