Matt Kemp Fantasy Outlook

Kemp has some incredible skills, and true fantasy first round output potential.  However I have some concerns with his high ranking and consistent first round selection in mock drafts.  It should be noted that I am saying this as a Dodger fan and big time Kemp fan.  My concerns stem from his shoulder injury, and the similarities it shares with his teammate Adrian Gonzalez.

Gonzalez entered the 2011 season having had torn his labrum the previous year.  This was Gonzalez’s age 28 season.  Kemp now enters the 2013 season, at age 28, having torn his labrum.  As many fantasy readers know, Gonzalez has experienced a shortage in HR totals since his shoulder injury.  I have the same concerns regarding Kemp’s power.  I still believe Kemp is going to be an impact player for anyone’s fantasy team, but this mid first round pick seems to be carrying in some risk for the upcoming season.  I do not typically like to take risks on my first round pick.  There are many second round types who have some sort of risk going into the season however, so we will just have to keep a close eyes on Kemp’s power.


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