Austin Jackson

I have been seeing some generous rankings for Austin Jackson.  I am not sure I understand why, so lets take a look at the numbers.  In almost 2,000 plate appearances (3 years of full seasons) in the majors Jackson has; 296 runs, 30 HRs, 152 RBI, 61 SBs, and a .280 AVG.

I see a player who scores a lot of runs in a good offense, and won’t kill your batting average.  He supplies little power and does not even steal many bases.  This does not constitute a player that I would rank in the OF with the likes of, Craig, Cespedes, and even Choo.  I realize that he is only 26 and has more growth to do potentially, but he also was never a top 40 ranked prospect in Baseball America, so I question how high his ceiling really is.


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  1. Fantasy Football Submission

    Agreed. He won’t be on any of my teams this year, at least based on his current draft position. A good all around player and well above average in runs scored, which is a pretty underrated stat in my opinion. Still doesn’t justify the draft spot in comparison to the other guys around him.

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