Building a terrible winning pitching staff.

In past posts I have mentioned achieving the stats of the categories winners from last year’s season.  I tried to build the worst possible team to achieve the hitting goals in an earlier post.  So I sat down to do so with pitching and found this quite difficult.  I believe that the reason for this was the teams that accumulated the most wins, ks, especially, used TONS of pitchers.  They did not have a rotation like I was trying to project of 5 pitchers.  They had several pitchers on their bench that they moved in with each start as well as moving guys in and out of free agency.

The stats I was attempting to  accumulate were; 114 wins, 3.51 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, and 1,500 Ks. For the starting pitching.

Because of my inability to build a pitching staff to meet these projections.  What I am going to consider is loading up my staff with enough closers or setup men to drive my ERA and WHIP (while winning saves) low enough so that I can fill a staff of Jeff Smardzija or worse with high K rates.  Especially because I am not planning to chase wins.  In fact I would like to move the league to quality starts.

My thoughts are similar to the popular Lima Plan draft strategy but with a higher emphasis on relief pitchers.  Thoughts?


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