Build a Winning Team without Superstars

In a recent post, I described setting team statistical goals for the upcoming year.  These goals were based off the category winners the previous year in the league.  I also described that you can take these goals, and divide them by the number of position players on your roster.  This would provide an idea of what players on your team would need to provide statistically.  This post is about trying to take that information and form a team of non elite players that meets the team goals.

Based off of a roster of; C, 1B,2B,3B,SS,MI,CI,OF,OF,OF,OF,UTL,UTL

My statistical goals were; 1100 R, 300 HR, 1100 RBI, 200 SB, and .283 AVG

I used’s players rankings and projections to try and build a team with the lowest possible ranked players that met these goals.

First goal, build the team with players outside the top 100:  FAIL

Second Goal build the team with players outside the top 50:  Fail, but barely.

I more or less hit these goals with players ranked 45 and below.

I will attach a picture of the roster I created.  With this stats the team projects:

1103 R, 304 HR, 1117 RBI, 137 SB, and .279 AVG.

I purposely focused on R,HR,RBI over SBs.  And I realized that many of the top 40 players are there because they provide the stats WITH a good AVG.  Where as many of the players I was using were average or below.  I thought I could make up for SB by having a guy like Revere on my bench, however it would be unlikely that I pick up 60 more SBs from any bench player.

Naturally there are probably thousands of different player combinations I could have tried.  And I believe that I built a team of all players outside of the elite tear at their position.  (Maybe with the exception of Hanley at SS).

Now if you owned players within the elite sectors and you thought you could trade away to build a similar team that may work.  Or if you use an auction format this could give you a attainable team potentially.  In a snake draft I wouldn’t expect anyone to forgo the first 4 rounds but this concept could still be useful.

This was just a fun exercise for me on trying to develop the worst possible winning team.



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